My wonderful saintly and benighted partner just dropped a load of info on me that I cannot wait to try out next year!!!

Very simple, yeast are unable to process thing like lactose, fruit flies are unable to process the erythritol kind of thing. More of a toxic reaction rather than purely non-nutritive one really.

Here is a link to a study already done:

Another link:

And one more:

All of this information was passed to me just after reading Chevette Girls trials and tribble-ations (yup I did a Trek reference) and remembering how atrocious they were this Summer here! As well as other people around the globe. I thought that even though tardy the information could be used next seasons problem season. I like the fact that it can kill them in under a week, WAY the frell LESS BREEDING TIME!!!

Now I'll have to see about a method of delivery for the little basetards! MUWAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAaaa hack, cough, wheeze, gasp, AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! I'm feeling like a Drosophila mass murderer!!! DEATH TO THE FRUIT FLIES!