Been waiting for my first batch to "mature", and it has...with flying colours, really. But, my question is this: is it better to age at room temp (pantry) at around 72, or should I cold crash/age them at refrigerator temps, around 35? What's the difference? I'm not sure what's the best approach.

Original log here:
A recap: a tried and true apple cyser mead went a little south and didn't turn out like I expected. I think now that it was the cloves, since I used 24 of them, fresh organic bad-boys. And before anyone says "TWENTY-FOUR?!?!?!" I had my reasons, albeit misinformed and shortsighted as it was. Anyway, 9 months later, the stuff tastes pretty good, but I'm wondering if I should do something different?

I have some that I've been storing in the fridge and some that are still at room temp. Does anyone have any experience aging cysers at different temps?

Thanks for any and all input.