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    I am sorry, I guess I am too new and that it is ll to scientific for me...

    I tried reading the help section aboutthe calculator but couldn't understand what and how to do what I wanted to do anyway...

    So... (maybe I can't even use it for that but I kind of feel that I can)... Say that I'd like to end up with 50L of mead that has 13.5% of alcohol in it...

    I will use honey only for the purpose, and well, some sort of yeast. And water.

    Which of the fields should I will in my informaion into, and where will I see "the answer"? What options should I pick?

    I guess that my question is, how much honey will I need to achieve what I want to achive?

    Is that possible?

    Thank you all in advance for readin gthis and hopefully puinting me in the right direction!

    - Dimitri

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    I have found a newbee guide, I guess I'll read it first

    But still - if you feel generous, please help!

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    FYI, I think the mead calculator linked on the main page is broken. Here's a mirror:

    So, if you go there, follow these steps:

    1. Check "Target Volume" and change the unit to "Litre(s)" and enter "50"
    2. Check "Target Gravity" and type in "13.5" for the percentage
    3. Click somewhere else on the screen

    The "Additional Sugars #1" field should update to show the following:

    37.857 pounds (17.172 kg)

    That, of course, is assuming that your honey has a sugar content of 79.6% (it varies from honey to honey). Really, you should shoot for your target gravity of 1.103. Basically get enough honey to hit your mark and then some, then mix up your must and fine-tune it to hit your gravity. I'd say get 40 lbs, just in case. Even if you don't use it all right now, you may need some extra to backsweeten later.

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    If your projected volume isn't hypothetical, you may want to consider making a few smaller batches first - 50L is a big batch to start with.
    It goes ding when there's stuff.

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