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Thread: Fermaid O

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    Default Fermaid O

    Maybe I missed the discussion on this stuff, but anybody else notice the smell? Do they scrape this off the barn floor. Maybe it's just me
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    Doesn't smell any worse than Fermaid K to me. Neither one smells particularly good, but the smell goes away completely in the mead.

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    That's the smell of future wonderful.

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    It reminds me of the smell of yeast hulls, which makes sense, since Fermaid O is composed of yeast or stuff extracted from yeast.

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    Yeah it's got some funkiness to it, but no worse than the Fermaid-K or DAP (cat pee) for that matter! It's basically lysed yeast minus the hulls, think Vegemite minus the salt. {Mmmm Vegemite!!, droooool...} I used to use boiled bread yeast & that smells WAY worse than Fermaid-O! The whole house reeked of the BBY for days, but it did make a great mead or five for me!
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    Goferm Protect is pretty icky smelling as well. Then again, if I were a yeastie.,.
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    Just smells like vitamins to me. I almost enjoy the smell because my yeast will be so happy

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