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Thread: Winemaking 101

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    Default Winemaking 101'll see it....

    Started mead making in 2014.
    Home Brewing Biography: Home brewing? I have extensive knowledge and experience in home brewing. Most every cup of coffee I have ever drank was brewed at home. In a percolator coffee pot. Does anyone here even know what that is?

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    Saw it. Looked like it'd been rushed to the bottle a bit!

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    "Then glory in battle to Hrothgar was given, waxing of war-fame, that willingly kinsmen obeyed his bidding, till the boys grew to manhood, a numerous band. It burned in his spirit to urge his folk to found a great building, a mead-hall grander than men of the era ever had heard of, and in it to share with young and old all of the blessings the Lord had allowed him, save life and retainers." - Beowulf

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    This site has a good mulled wine recipe, and the site itself has some decent information on wine making in general too.

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