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Thread: Happy New Years!

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    Default Happy New Years!

    Happy New Year! I got some 32% Cyser Jack BOMM treating me right for the night.

    The Bad to 2015.
    I moved.
    My dog died.
    My Gallbladder tried to kill me.

    The Good to 2015
    I moved.
    I'm not dead.
    I'm going to be a dad again!


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    Congrats on the new youngling.
    Glad your still on the right side of the daisies.
    32% ? Your a beast.

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    Congratulations on the forthcoming birth... and let's all work to make 2016 is a year of peace, a year of happiness and joy - and a year of good health and tranquility of mind...

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    Happy New Years LOR!! And thanks for all the mead recipes.

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    I'm glad that the living situation has been an improvement for you.
    I do agree that the not-dead thing is rather nice myself.
    Super Congratulations on the new youngling to be!

    We're a multi language household so:

    Helukkig Nieuwjaar!! - Dutch
    Gutes Neues Jahr - German
    あけまして おめでとう ございます - Japanese
    (akemashite omedet÷ gozaimasu)

    In addition to the above we've thus far hear from friends:

    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku - Polish
    Feliz A˝o Nuevo -Spanish

    All of those & more to you all, may it bring forth many splendored things for you.

    May your M.E.A.D. get worse...
    As your Mead gets better!
    Mazerotic Encephalopathic Affective Disorder (M.E.A.D.) - Gntlknigt1

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