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Thread: Brilliant... or idiotic?

  1. Default Brilliant... or idiotic?

    Stumbled across this article while doing some research on bottling sparkling wine.

    This guy is basically giving instructions on how to MacGyver yourself some sparkling hooch in 2 days. (Scroll to the second method)

    He used wine, but I'm betting mead would work too.

    I don't know enough about making sparkling wines/meads to know if this would work. And what would happen if you didn't pop the top until well after 48 hours? I thought those swing-neck bottles didn't have a good enough seal? Or is it just not good enough for aging?

    Any experts wanna weigh in on this theory? I noticed they didn't show an image that proves the second method really works.


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    Default Brilliant... or idiotic?

    The first method is small scale force carbonation. Get a kegging system and this will be better/much more affordable. Those little carbonation cartridges can be expensive! This works with mead just fine.

    The second will work but it will be a cloudy drink in the timescale mentioned. Not what guests expect when you pour champagne! Probably not very tasty either due to stressed yeast and fusels.

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    In actual champagne production, they spend a considerable amount of time riddling the yeast down the neck of the bottle onto the cork/cap. Then comes disgorgement, sometimes with freezing the neck, popping the cap and blowing the frozen slug of yeast out. There's no reason you couldn't bottle like a beer, or keg even, but I think the longer process produces some compounds you can't get through the quick and easy ways.

    This one's a good read: http://www.amazon.com/Making-Sparkli.../dp/1565236904

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