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Thread: Bulk Aging and Power Outage

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    We decided to hire a painter for the exterior of our house, he started 2-3 days ago and has been power washing the house now for 3 days. I go into my fermentation chamber tonight to crack open a bottle of yummy cyser, only to find that there is no power to the chamber. I have fixed the problem with the power, but the chamber that I have been using to bulk age my mead at 58 degrees went up to 77 over the course of 2-3 days (which actually isn't bad since I live in Phoenix and the temperature today was 112)! Anyway, is there anything I need to worry about or can do with my Peach Ginger Melomel that I started 5/1 and finished fermenting 5/15? Does it even matter having that temperature swing if fermentation is over (I also sorbated and sulfited when transferring to secondary/bulk aging carboy). To follow the rules, here is my recipe and notes:

    INGREDIENTS ($129.7
    2gal water ($0.50)
    1.5625 (1gal+9cup) Honey (1gal+3cup Desert Blossom Mesquite & 2cup Orange Blossom) ($53)
    2.7gal Peach Juice (70% white, 25% yellow, 5% nectarine) ($65)
    1.2pack Lavlin D47 Yeast (59-68F) ($1)
    GoFerm (according to instructions - 1.5t with 4oz 110F water, wait til water is 104 add yeast, wait 10-15min, add 4oz must, wait 10min and pitch) ($0.50)
    24g Fermaid O (spaced additions according to TOSNA) ($4)
    3tsp pectinase ($0.10)
    OG 1.10 (will add 5cup more honey to make OG equivalent to 1.117)
    FG 1.012
    Final nutrients add OG 1.073

    Started 5/1/16 - SG of 2.7gal peach juice = 1.035, added 12lb honey now 5.7gal @ SG = 1.10
    5/2 - SG 1.10, temp 68F, added 6g Fermaid O, degassed (decent amount of CO2), amazing taste!
    5/3 - degassed in AM; SG 1.066, temp 71, added 6g Fermaid O, degassed (bubbling like crazy), added 3 cup Desert Blossom Mesquite Honey, SG now 1.082
    5/4 - degassed in AM; SG 1.050, temp 61, added 6g Fermaid O, degassed, added 2 cup OB Honey, SG now 1.060
    5/5 - SG 1.046, temp 59, added 6g Fermaid O, degassed with spatula not drill, no honey added, taste better than yesterday (no hot flavor)
    5/7 - SG 1.030, temp 58, gently degassed, taste good and alcoholic
    5/8 - SG 1.022, temp 59, gently degassed, added 2T juiced ginger, good but alcoholic flavor
    5/10 - SG 1.015, temp 61, barely any CO2 left, strong alcohol flavor hopefully aging is the solution
    5/12 - SG 1.012, temp 61, strong alcohol flavor, may need more honey to sweeten up a bit
    5/15 - SG 1.004, cant believe its still going, leaving town in two days so delayed racking and added 3lb(4cup) more of OB honey, SG now 1.020, pH 4.0, hopefully will hold steady and can be racked tomorrow
    5/15 PM - Added sulfite, sorbate, and pectinase into 5 gal secondary, racked into 5 gal secondary and 1 gal secondary

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    I seriously doubt that you will have any problems at those temperature ranges especially if you are just aging and nothing is actively fermemnting. It would take a day or two for the temp of the buckets/carboys to change very much and 77 degrees isn't too bad for a short time.
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    I agree with 58. Your fine.
    7 out of 4 people have a hard time using their hydrometer!

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    Good to hear, thanks to you both!

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