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    Default Gotmead Live Panel Discussions

    Something we at Gotmead Live have been discussing for some time is getting a bunch of professional and home meadmakers together for panel discussions on various topics.

    We're thinking about taking the first show in each 8-show set and getting together a panel of several people at a time for a somewhat organized discussion about various topics.

    Topics we've come up with so far:

    Session Meads

    Feeding Yeast


    So we have two things to ask of you Gotmeaders...

    First, have you any other ideas for topics, or specific questions on the topics? If so, please let us know here!

    Second, would you like to be on the panel for a specific discussion, or would you like to recommend someone we can contact? You don't have to be a commercial meadmaker, we want some home meadmakers too. Please either let us know here or email Vicky at and she can coordinate you with the dates we've selected for the topic you've selected.
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    Braggots? Bochets? Sours?

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    I would expand the topic "Feeding Yeast" to "Yeast Health in General" and include things like proper oxygen levels, micronutrient needs, rehydration, metabolic changes over the course of fermentation, etc. and get people like Chris White on the panel.

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    Honey and mead chemistry please...
    Basic and advanced

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    Ask Oskar about aging and cellering meads, bottle conditioning for carbonating meads, and how to get rid of fusel alcohol taste in hotly fermented meads.

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