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Thread: Uses for residue after fermentation?

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    Default Uses for residue after fermentation?

    Does anyone know of a use for the residue after fermentation, such as a bread recipe or something?

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    Dave from New Haven County

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    Hi fugtruck - and welcome.
    There can be active yeast in the lees or sediment and you can wash the sediment and harvest the yeast. Brewers frequently do this. A variation on that is to use the lees to ferment a wine made from lemon juice that goes by the name of "skeeter pee" . Because of the low pH of this wine the use of these lees means that the yeast will be fairly acclimatized to this environment, whereas if you were to pitch a fresh batch of yeast it may stall. What I have occasionally done is use the slurry as the yeast for a bread I am making. So it's not like adding the mash from a beer to the bread (about 1/4 C in 3 C of flour) but in this case the lees will have enough yeast to make my dough rise.

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    It is also good for your septic system if you live in the country.

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