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    Does anyone have links to where to buy the stuff needed to make a batch of TOSNA 2.0? I live in Texas, so a warmer climate tolerant yeast would be preferred, recommendations?

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    I'm confused. TOSNA 2.0 is a process - not a batch. You need Fermaid-O to follow the process defined here :

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    I was implying I wanted to make a batch of mead following TOSNA. But finding yeasts suited to S Texas, and finding their nitrogen needs is a bit confusing for me. Where do I find Fermaid-O?

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    I personally like 71B which is a low nitrogen yeast :

    Common yeasts w/ Low N needs, 71B, DV10 , D47, EC1118
    Common yeasts w/ Medium N needs, D21, D254, D80, V1116
    Common yeasts w/ High Nitrogen needs, CY3079, RC212

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    D21 is a yeast that works well in warm temperatures.

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    Tell us what style you want to make for us to pick you a yeast. What honey do you have?
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