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Thread: Blending and aging

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    Default Blending and aging

    So there seems to be more and more talk about blending, and whilst I'm still perfecting a simple trad, there's one question about blending that is nagging me.

    Is there a difference in blending say, 2 meads that have aged for a year separately and blending 2 meads that have just finished fermenting and let them age together for a year?

    If we are talking about blending meads to achieve a new level in perfection then I feel there will be a preferred way.


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    Hey bro

    I think most everyone around here make single, stand alone batches. I've been doing the blend thing for a while. And I like how it's going so far. And I expect time will eventually tell. It will take me some time/experience before I can speak to you question with some level of certainty. My initial thoughts how ever are this.

    During long term ageing, short chains start to bind to create long chains. As well as other chemical changes that I don't even have an idea of. But, if this starts happening as soon as a blend is combined it would seem this would finish up faster, tah if two separate meads were added at the 2 year mark. Because adding the 2 at that point would begin the process as above only two years down the road. I have no idea if the final product would be the same, but I do think it would be some different. Commmon sense just seems to say this would have to be the case.

    By the end of summer I may have had enough time to start to see somethings clear enough to start to begin to have some understanding.
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    Yeah I kinda thought that would be the case.

    Interesting nether the less

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