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Thread: where is my post?

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    Default where is my post?

    Im new and after writing a new post, a window popped up saying an admin, had to approve it. How long does irpt take before your post show?

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    I can see this post just fine. I am a patron. Not sure if that matters.

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    I can see this too and I'm not a patron.

    I've seen a couple new threads posted in the newsfeed that when I click on them, a message pops up on a new page saying the thread doesn't exist. I've only seen this happen since the site went down, so I wonder if it's related.

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    yes, this post came through but i guess the original is lost.

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    these small replies are coming through, but i just started another thread for help and it said a moderator had to approve it first. what is going on? so many letters? what?

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    I know a month (or so) ago, they were having issues with spammers creating fake ID's and then spamming th crap out of the forum. I'm guessing it may be due to some policies they put in place to help prevent that. If that's the case it would be nice if they explained that to you, in an introductory email.

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    i know soon after i registered, the site was down. everytime i tried to get on i got the 404 code. then i posted a question after a day of 404. It never showed up, as it was the weekend and waited for admin to approve. then i posted this thread ok. so i contacted them through contact us and its been two letters now with no response. i am wandering if there has been an admin on the site in the last few days?

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    im going try again but with much smaller amount of text. maybe the question was too long

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    Hello, I had the same issue. Made my first post on Sunday evening, received the 'awaiting admin approval' message and there is now no record of it...

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    Sorry guys. The system apparently pulls random posts, and I've never found a way to make it stop. I've been traveling for a couple weeks and not on the system much. All held posts have been approved.

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