I am new to mead making and this site, tried searching for my answers but haven't really figured out how to use the site. I started two separate 1 gallon batches a couple weeks ago, however I didn't have a hydrometer at the beginning so I have no OG, which I'm fine with, lesson learned. My concern or question is now that I have a hydrometer, on one gallon batches it seems like I will lose a significant amount of must each time I take a reading because it will take a decent amount of must to get a reading. So I have read that you shouldn't pour the tested must back in, this is true? If so, Would I better served to move forward making a larger batch, say three gallons? Sorry if this has been covered, I'm new and heading to my local wine store tomorrow so wanted to know if I should look at bigger fermenting equipment. Started small because I didn't want to get too big for my britches.