Greetings, all!

I've begun my first ever experiment in mead-making, and did so before I found this forum, much to my dismay. I'll be researching throughout the forum, to learn as much as possible, but I thought I'd post my process here, just in case I have made/am about to make any mistakes! Please feel free to offer critiques and advice, with my thanks! =)

Blueberry Melomel

2 pounds Orange Blossom Honey
Three pounds Blueberries
Spring Water
Red Star Montrachet yeast, half packet

I boiled some of the water, and added the honey to melt it, then poured all but a pint of the mixture into a glass carboy (from a gallon of wine I drank with some friends, just before. ;]) I smashed two pounds of the berries, and poured it into the carboy, shaking it up a bit; I froze the rest of the berries to add, later. I then added about half of the yeast packet, and added more water to fill, with some headspace. I put in the airlock, and tucked it away. The next morning, the airlock had popped off, I assume from getting berry flesh stuck in it, blocking it up. I cleaned it up, and reinserted, and have had no problems since. So, it's been sitting, bubbling, for three days, and I'm planning on racking it off after two weeks, adding the frozen berries in a mesh bag (for easy removal after another two weeks), and some of the remaining honeywater, to backsweeten, if necessary. I plan on racking it off one more time, after three months, letting sit another three months, then bottling.

So, that's the plan, and I'm hoping it comes out well! Any advice or critique is welcome! Thank you! =)