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Thread: Newbie Here, First Mead Test!

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    Default Newbie Here, First Mead Test!

    Totally new to mead making, and after tons of research I started a micro test today ....

    Some of this may sound blasphemous to seasoned mead makers but I work within my means and do things on the cheap as much as possible

    My Recipe and process for this first micro batch
    Fermenter - 32oz gatorade bottle , cap drilled to hold airlock

    3/4lb store bought wildflower honey

    3/8 cup granulated sugar (added to get SG up to where I wanted it)

    20 raisins roughly chopped

    Filtered water to full, leaving roughly an inch of head space

    1/4 packet Bread yeast

    Started by slightly heating water, and honey to dissolve, then let cool back to room temp.

    Checked SG and wanted it higher so I added sugar 1/8 of a cup at a time and dissolving then rechecking gravity ( as stated above it took 3/8 cup of sugar to get where I wanted it)

    Gravity reading was between 1.080 -1.090 (still learning how to read this thing)

    Shook the life out of it all then added the raisins and 1/4 pack of yeast and re-shook lightly to mix them in.

    Does this at least sound like it will make an ok test to get an idea of what I'm doing before I start trying it on a larger scale?

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    Unless you are a doing a Joe s Ancient orange mead- which this is not the recipe- this was no well done at all.
    Read the newbee guide.
    Watch meadology series on youtube.
    Then come back with questions

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