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Thread: 1st Proper Mead (advice welcome)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamespy10 View Post
    I was struggling to make the calculator work but now youv given a correct figure iv had a tinker and worked it out .

    Iv had a look and I can get fermaid so il use that and it's two camden tablets for full stabilisation acording to the instructions I just found so il do that too.

    I won't take the SG readings if they are not nesacerily it's just what was put on amother post when I looked up back sweetening.

    I will do the order you say for the sulphates followed by the addition of vanilla and oak.

    I'm really excited about this now, thanks to your advice this will hopefully turn out very well.
    Im sure it will go well. What fermaid will you be using? there are different brands, and the ammounts vary slightly. If you have Fermaid O avaliable, that is the best one. All of the are pretty good anyway, way better than young's.
    Sg readings are needed at the start and end. while it ferments you can get good info by taking readings, but its not necessary either. Its recommended to know all goes well.

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    I thought I could get fermaid k but haveing checked again it's out of stock in the place I found it.

    I can get tronozymol or wyeast though. It's sold through uk

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