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    So I racked my first mead into secondary about a week ago (and started a second...) and for temp control I currently am using a Rubbermaid tub with water in it. I dump ice into it 3-5 times a day and can keep my temps around 72-74. I have enough room for both carboys in the tub right now, but wanted to move the Mead in secondary to another location to make room for a third mead.

    The mead in secondary has fermented all sugars (FG .99 and I plan to stabilize and backsweeten before bottling (six months to a year).

    Do I have a need to keep the temps low on this batch, even though they are close to my ambient house temp? My house sits between 74-76 depending on the time of day and I'd like to move this to a dark closet. I'm thinking with no sugars left to ferment, I shouldn't have an issue, but wanted to ask here first.

    -the Deuce

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    Once fermentation is done, you are absolutely fine keeping it at normal house temps.

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