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Thread: WTH is floating in my meade???!?!?!

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    Default WTH is floating in my meade???!?!?!

    First post here, and I have a rather pressing question. The bottle in question came from my 4th batch. I haven't had anything close to this happen with any of my other batches, and the other 20 or so bottles of batch 4 don't appear to have any problems. A little background: I took 3 bottles of this batch to work yesterday to give to some friends. They got a little warm sitting in my car (it was around 80F, and I left my windows cracked). This bottle was probably too full when I corked it, and the heat made the mead expand to the point that it was now touching the bottom of the cork. I took this bottle into a room that was around 68F and left it overnight. When i came into work this morning I found this thing floating at the top of the bottle. Is it possible that it was living in the cork and the mead killed it? And also, has anyone else seen anything like this?

    Is this the beginning of the end for humanity
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