Hi all

I have read that mead really improves with time. Many brews does but especially mead, it seems.
Now, I have made my first batch of mead and it has now been fermenting for a good eight weeks or so. I have re-racked and all that.
I tasted and checked gravity today and thats fine - about 8,5% alcohol by volume and still fermenting. I used a champagne yeast, which potentially can bring the mead up to 16%, which I do not want. I have split my relatively small batch into two 5 litre glass carboys.
My question is now.....: if I kill off the yeast there will be no "activity"...no life... it will be....dead. I mean... if the fermentation stops and does not start for a couple of days or a week, it has really stopped, right? At present the gravity is 1.015. My thought is to kill off the yeast in one of the carboys but add some carmalized honey in the other and let it ferment a bit further and then stop it.....but...:

Will it age and become better if the yeast is killed in such a way?