Hi I am a newb on this forum and have to admit that I have never made mead. I have had bees since 1981 and for the last 19 years I have judged the honey competition at the Interior Provencal Exhibition in Armstrong BC Canada. I have a good knowledge of bees, beekeeping, and of honey. Properties, grades and grading systems, relation ship between humidity and moisture content. the different sugars and how they effect the properties of honey.
In Kelowna the BCHPA (British Columbia Honey Producers Association) is holding it annual convention and trade show. At the convention we hold a friendly honey and mead competition, open to the attendees to the conference. This year the CHC (Canadian Honey Council) and CAPA (Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists) are holding their meetings in conjunction with ours so their will be representation their from across Canada.
Due to this the organizing comity has decided to add a commercial class to the mead competition. We are inviting any Canadian meaderies or wineries that make mead to enter their finest in to the competition. Labels are welcome as the bottles will be socked prier to judging and only remover afterwards. The reason for joining I am looking for Canadian Mead commercially available. I have combed through the different provincial government sites and found any that are listed there. If any of you know of any or have a list of meads this information would be appreciated. I Know in the commercial section of this site it says that there are 38 in Canada but it will not let me define the search to find them. Get a either Java script or Cookies not enabled error.
Thanks for any assistance.