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Thread: 1 gallon BOOM as a starter

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    Hi all

    The weather's ready to cool back down and I'm ready to start making more mead! I played around with weird recipes a lot last year and was pretty loose with my methods, but now I want to buckle down and start focusing on learning sound practices. First up, I want to work on making a good traditional, starting with a BOMM, and soon/when I get the chance, another one or two batches that are identical except yeast and nutrient protocol (I want to do tosna 2.0 with CY3079, but I need to get my hands on Fermaid O first).

    Anyway, I'll be starting my first 5 gallon batch this weekend and I have a question. Bray mentions on his site that you can make a 1 gallon BOMM and pitch it into another 4 gallons after 3-4 days. I want to do this, but I'm not sure how to approach nutrient additions with this method. Looking back at my notes for an OB trad BOMM I made last year, it hit the 1/3 break 3 days after pitch, which is when I would be pitching the entire gallon into the larger batch... this gets confusing.

    Should I make the 1 gallon BOMM with the normal nutrient additions up front, then after 3 days mix up another 4 gallons of must with 4 gallons worth of initial nutrients and pitch? How do I handle nutrients after that?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    P.S. Before anyone tells me to just make a starter like a normal person, you should know that I don't have access to Go Ferm. I guess I'll add that to my cart when I order some Fermaid O!

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    And of course autocorrect messed with my title...

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    Have you checked out Bray Denard's (Mr. BOMM) website: https://denardbrewing.com/blog/category/articles/

    His starter is very easy to make. I make it in a one gallon jug, close it up with some aluminum foil and swirl it several times a day (if you put your hand over the top you can feel the pressure as it escapes.

    If you want to pitch a one gallon BOMM and pitch it into a 4 gallon must, just follow the recipe. If you want, you can scale back the nutrients by 20%, but that's probably not really necessary.

    Oh, and don't forget the daily stirring/degassing. Probably one of the most important parts.

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    Thanks for the tips. I pitched into the 5 gallons a few days ago and things are moving nicely. At 1.048 earlier today.

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