Hello all! Thanks for taking time to read my newbie post.
I have done a good amount of research before starting my first batch and gotmead was a very good place that answered a lot of questions.

So I started my first batch last night,
I was a little worried in the beginning about my yeast health but today it was bubbling I have not counted the bubbles per minute but it's somewhere around 15(if needed I can count it). My concern is that even though it is creating bubbles there is no "froth" in the head space. I think I messed up by adding all my energizer and nutrient in the beginning and not a SNA =/ .

So my concern is the lack of "froth" even though it appears the yeast is working. Did I mess up by not doing a SNA? Is "froth" important?

The recipe is as follows:

Name: EXP1
Yield: 3 gals
Honey 7.2 pounds (apx, my scale was being weird)
Yeast: levlin 1118
Yeast rehydration:
Warmed 100 ML of water to 108 F, 1.5 TSP of nutrient and energizer (all added to the 100 ML) then left to work for about 35-40 mins.

I warmed 1 gallon of water to 150 F, turned of the heat and added warm honey for emulsification. I poured the must in to a glass carboy to add oxygen via a ladle, then poured the rest from the pot (1/2 gal).
Added bottled water to target volume minus head space and took a SG at 80.5 F SG was 1.085.

Once at temp 80.5 I added the Yeast to the must, added airlock and let sit until today when I check it.

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