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Thread: Anyone Make a JAO Using Modern Techniques??

  1. Default Anyone Make a JAO Using Modern Techniques??

    I'm wanting to make five gallons of JAO using the traditional ingredients, including bread yeast, but using modern techniques such as proper rehydration, pure oxygenation, TOSNA, degassing, etc. Has anyone tried this and how did it work?

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    The thing about JAOM is that it is really a novelty mead that apparently works (never tried to make one myself) but does so in very counter-intuitive ways, which are in fact perfectly aligned to pull off this mead. In other words, any change to the ingredients or to the process destroys the underlying rationale for every element that is part of the recipe. It's a painting by numbers Mona Lisa. If you want to make use of "modern techniques" apply them to a regular mead. The beauty of the JAOM is its novelty - Yes, despite the fact that so many novice mead makers appear to cut their teeth on that mead. And ironically, (or not) you cannot "learn" to make a mead by making a JAOM. Nothing in it is "transferable" . That's why it is such a novelty.

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    True, but it also tastes great so I would like to make it again. I've made it plus several variants before I recently started using "grownup" methods.

    So, does anyone know how it turns out using modern methods?

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    Better brewing through science!

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    Thanks! I had forgotten that you had that posted on your website.

    Your BOMM was my first attempts at "real" mead making and both attempts turned out fantastic.

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