Hey everyone, new user here! I discovered mead while playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, sounds nerdy as hell, but I would have never found out about mead had it not been for Skyrim. To make a real long story short, I had my first glass of mead at a trendy house bar that was in a neighborhood with a lot of little restaurants, book stores made from houses and turned into shops. A buddy of mine ordered it for me and I fell in love with the drink, it was so good, so sweet and I've been in love with the drink ever since, it was the blackberry mead from Redstone meadery in case anyone was wondering.

So here's my serious question about mead, I've been seeing these whiskey essences pop up lately, I've always want to try them, but it says they require 80 proof vodka to blend the essence with. But I got to thinking, I wonder if I could blend these whiskey essences with mead instead? The reason is, is I've developed health problems and I can't have hard liquor anymore (amongst other types of alcoholic beverages *besides mead thank the gods*), no more whiskey or anything like that. I miss the flavor of whiskey, and I'm wondering, has anyone ever tried to blend these whiskey essences with mead? I wanna try it, just once to see if it'll work, and I also wanna get one of those whiskey sticks and just let the mead take in the whiskey flavor and the oak to "age" the mead over night and part of a day to see what would happen. I know I can't keep mead out for very long, so I would drink it the day after I make it. Has anyone tried this?