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  1. Post Brewing a high gravity fall seasonal cyser, Any tips? (sumer recipie included)

    I've started my latest batch of seasonal mead, and decided to do a high gravity mulled spice cyser, the recipe is as follows
    1.3 gallons honey
    3 gallons wegmans pressed cider
    1 gallon spring water
    2 packs Lalvin EC-1118 (10 grams)
    Started fermenting and bubbling within 2 hours, with a noticeable warm apple aroma,
    Room is kept at between 65 and 75 degrees
    Any idea on how long I should ferment this for?
    (the following is a report on the finished product from the summer, a dry lime pineapple mead with spicy notes. ferment time: 5 weeks. temperature variance: 56-72 degrees recipe: 40 oz honey, 1 pound fresh pineapple spears, 1 pound key limes, 1 1/2 gallons spring water, and bread yeast (2 packs) Finished yield: 2 gallons, Finished ABV content 16.7 on hydrometer. Flavor profile: Bitter lime notes accentuated with a crisp dry mouthfeel and spicy pineapple tannin finish with toasty bread notes filling the nose. Nose: spicy, bitters, notes of sour lime and tropical pineapple. )

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    Its not how long you ferment its what the yeast are doing, do you have a hydrometer, that is your tool to tell you when its done. What spices are you going to add in the secondary?

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