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Thread: Pear melomel, mayhaps?

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    Question Pear melomel, mayhaps?

    I've recently stumbled upon some pears and honey and so I've decided to combine these two lovely things.
    My situation is as follows:

    • I've got around 20kg of honey (acacia honey), so for the purposes of this batch, let's say it's unlimited quantity.
    • I've also got around 5kg of pears. I've peeled, cut up and threw away the middle part for like half of them and put them in the freezer.
    • GoFerm, Fermaid E (European equivalent of Fermaid O, I think), DAP, pectolase, Campden tablets, etc., etc. - I've got it all.
    • And, lastly, aroung 100g of EC-1118 yeast.

    Now, what do you think, would it be possible to make a perry out of all this? I'm aiming at around 20-25L batch (as my carboy is at 25L capacity).
    I've been reading a lot about this all over this and other sites and it seems to me that meadmakers normally use pear juice instead of actual pears. Would it be smarter to make juice via juicemaker out of these pears or just put the slices I have in primary and secondary (as I have planned to do)?

    Any kind of advice is much appreciated.

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    What kind of pears? A true Perry requires some tannic pears not just dessert pears. Also you dont have near enough pears to add any flavor, you will be lucky to get a gallon of pear juice (not counting the solids) from this small amount of pears. If you want it to be a better quality for pears you can juice them and make just a gallon of mead instead of 5 if you want any flavor from the pears. Your yeast is also a true beast in that it will eat everything, can you get a more gentle yeast like D47?

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