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Thread: Mead Filtration

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    Default Mead Filtration

    Ok.. Heather and I have been making mead for over a year now.. and have had great success.. we always filter our meads through the Vinbrite system.. its a gravity feed system and has always worked in the past.. but while nothing in our recipes have changed.. the filter slows to almost a non existent trickle... has anyone played with using a powered pump to help move liquid.. like maybe an aquarium pump or something.. I do NOT want to drop 500 on the fancy wine vacuum systems..
    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated...
    Kody Wulfe

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    Those DIY house water filtration setups are not that expensive, the money comes in getting a vacuum pump, you might get lucky and get one from Ebay for cheap that works, then you could also use it for bottling, racking, transferring mead from a carboy on the floor to a worktable, lots of things a vacuum pump can do for you besides just filtering so its a good equipment investment. For your current setup, do you fine before filtering, that helps a lot to not clog up a filter fast.

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    Default Alternatives

    Here is a thread to a previous discussion on the same subjet:

    BTW... the Boun Vino Mini Jet sans filters can be used as a pump.
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