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  1. Question Is something wrong???

    I'm making a 5 gal batch of peach mead. I used the recipe from The Storm Castle. It seemed to be going great. When I did my first racking to get rid of the must, we tried to get a reading with the hydrometer. No reading. It did not register at all. It has been sitting for weeks in a cool dark location. No movement at all in the fermentation lock. So I decided to check the hydrometer reading again last night. Still not registering anything on the hydrometer. We used 18 lbs of honey, I don't know if anything is wrong or if I need to do something more. It has cleared quite a bit and looks great. Has a strong almost hard liquor taste to it, Any suggestions? When I first started this batch there was a lot of activity in the fermentation lock. Now no activity at all.
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    Hi Deni and welcome to GotMead. Check out the NewBee guide at the top as that has some great information for beginners.
    In general, its good to give us as much information as possible. Recipe, how long since you started, detailed process, etc which would be helpful in figuring out what if anything went wrong. With what you gave us, we're mostly guessing.

    Here's a good link on how to take a hydrometer reading. https://www.homebrewersassociation.o...meter-reading/

    I'm guessing when you say its not registering, its reading 1.000? That means your mead has fermented to completion.

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    It tastes like hard liquor? Oh, you've ruined it. I'll be by to pick it all up for you and responsibly transport it to a disposal facility... :-)

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