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  1. Question Are these bubbles normal?

    Ok so this is my first time attempting to brew mead. I've followed sanitization steps and have made sure everything is nice and clean and tidy. This picture attached is how it is now, at about 5 days old, no racking yet, just letting it do it's thing and giving it a good shake here and there.

    My worry is that it is somehow still got contaminated.

    As for my recipe, it's similar to JOAM, just no oranges and only a small grasp of raisins.

    55oz (~3 1/2 lbs) raw yellow sweet clover honey
    15 organic raisins
    water to fill with head room
    ~tbsp. fleischmann's active dry yeast
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    Your probably fine. Looks totally normal. You should really follow that recipe to the letter. It only says that 100 times. There is a reason for it. Everything works together synergistically
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