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    Wink 1st mead - strawberry and blackcurrant..

    Hi people,

    I'm new to the forums and would like to introduce myself and describe my 1st attempt at making mead. I named it as such in hope that others new to mead may be attracted.

    After tasting some mead, I enjoyed and decided to make my own as I couldn't find any local to me. I wanted to use local produce and chose strawberries And blackberries.

    I did throughout make a number of mistakes. Firstly I attempted to activate the yeast (youngs yeast/nutrient) in cold water, it should have been warm. Also, I could have left it for several minutes rather than just tipping it in... I put a heaped teaspoon of the yeast/nutrient in - levelled spoon would have been better (the instructions said 1 heaped teaspoon for 4.5 to 22.5 ltr. I was well on the low side at 4 5ltr). The fermentation vecame seriously active and a blow off tube became necessary.

    After 30 days with 1 bubble every 25seconds, I racked the mead. I could have left it a little longer - patience is a virtue.. after racking the mead it was very cloudy and I managed to suck some of the strawberry and a tiny bit on sediment with the siphon, thou I tryed to avoid it..

    2 week's after, I bottled.. still to early, as it wasn't clear. It stayed in the bottles for a 2-3 weeks, but sediment was at the bottle. It was clear though.. I decided to fix this by recycling the bottles with fresh washed, sanitised and sterilized bottles.

    The mead has been kept in a cold dark place for further week's. No more sediment, a lovely colour and is tasting like wine, followed by blackcurrant, then strawberry. The taste is getting better with time and it was a success, though there was a lot of things I could have done better.. then I found this forum..

    For any beginners, I keenly suggest you read up as much as you can, watch as many videos as you can and don't be afraid to ask questions, if you are unsure of what/how to do. In my experience brewers and homebrew shops have been such friendly people open to giving advice..

    I did make a video blog. Beginner's feel free to watch, but remember what I have mentioned above.. for the more seasoned, feel free to have a look and a giggle at the mistakes.


    To the beginner.. Mead making is not over difficult, but like all things, does require some learning and practice. Don't be afraid to have a go, but do try to be patient...

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    The finished product..

    Having issues uploading a picture or url from Flickr




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    Hi spectre _ol - and welcome. That looks like a nicely cleared mead but you don't say what the starting gravity was or what the gravity was when you bottled it. Counting bubbles really does not tell you anything about how the fermentation progressed and it is possible that you have bottled your mead with a great deal of residual sugar remaining with the yeast. Not necessarily a good combination.

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    Hi bernard,

    At the time, I was completely green to making mead and didn't understand the hydrometer at all.. I have since learned how a hydrometer is the used, but that don't help with the 1st batch. I didn't get the sg, but I do remember final was medium/sweet..

    I realise the bubbles are not an accurate way to brew, though at the time I was going on YouTube videos saying 1 bubble every 30secs or 1 month, due to having no other understanding.

    I have tasted it recently and it seems fine. Tastes like wine, with a taste of blackcurrant and strawberry behind it. In fact it seems to get better every week, but it would.. aging process..

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    Is the mead sparkling or still? If it's sparkling then I would be concerned that you may experience popped corks or (if you use crown caps) exploding bottles.

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    I think I've been extremely lucky with this batch.. it's still, clear and just having some tonight - the strawberry has really come out now and is a great contrast with the backberry now.

    Looking back at the mistakes I did make and how it is now, I'm really surprised how well it turned out.

    I will definitely be making this again, hopefully this time with less errors and more understanding..

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