Hoping someone can let me know that I'm either on the right track or that something went wrong. I have made small batch mead before but using a frozen lemonade concentrate, it turned out very good for a first time. I had tried a local Strawberry Mead and loved it so I wanted to see what I could do, my recipe and process are below. I had some left over honey so I made another batch using a frozen concentrate, which turned out fine. I regularly brew beer so I know all about sanitizing and keeping everything clean.

3lbs frozen store bought strawberries
1tsp yeast nutrient
3lbs Honey
1gal tap water
1pkg Lalvin 71B-1122 yeast

Heat up the strawberries on the stove with 1 cup of water and mash them, so they just break apart.
Heat up water and combine with the honey (only used about 3/4 of a gallon total of water).
Combine yeast nutrients, honey/water, and strawberries.
When mixture is cooled to about 80⁰F, I add the yeast and put in my fermentor.
Ferment for 1 month @ 663⁰F .

OG: 1.100
FG: 1.000
ABV: 13.3%

I went to bottle it today, it smells great but tastes like grain alcohol. I know it is supposed to age, but will it get better or worse? Any thoughts? My end goal would be a sweet strawberry mead, or possibly another fruit in future attempts.