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Thread: Brewing Noob first batch - should I stop the ferment?

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    I guess that explains it. The instructions I saw probably came from brewers that started with beer practices.


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    Eventually, you will come to find that beer makers come over to mead with problems they had with beer that are not problems with mead. And the wine people bring things across that doesn't apply here either.
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    OK, so final racking, and gave it another taste. I think it is better, but I also think I'll definitely want to back sweeten it. Since I used cheap bulk honey, there isn't a whole lot of the honey aromas coming through, so the acidic flavours are taking over, but overall the flavour is quite mellow. At this point I'd say it tastes better than it smells, because it still has some of that "old juice" type of smell. As dry as it is, I think it I had maybe used some quality raw honey that it would be much better. It is dry with light flavour, which is not the best combination IMO.

    Time will tell, I'll give it some months to age, perhaps if I backsweeten with some quality local raw honey it will be improved greatly.

    Thanks all for your advice. Right now I can confidently say "I made mead", so I am prepared for my next batch with some more quality ingredients. We have an apple tree in our yard which produces many gallons of apples every year, so I see some Cyser coming next fall, and maybe some cider too, rather than leaving many apples on the ground that only serve to get wasps drunk.

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