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Thread: Any Fig or Persimmon growers around?

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    Default Any Fig or Persimmon growers around?

    Wondering if any of my fig friends are here? I know a few made mentions of Mead now and then.

    You will know me from Facebook, mainly Rafed's Fig Group and Persimmon World Admin as myself, Charlie. I shut down my facebook account abruptly for personal reasons and no explaining to anyone. Poof, just gone. I hate facebook most of the time and had to get away from it.

    For those who are strangers to me and do like to grow things, I have about fifty varieties of Fig, thirteen Persimmon varieties and a few other fruit trees, a bunch of Prickly Pear cacti just got going last year.

    Now I have a new thing to experiment with! If you know me...

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    The two meads I have going currently are fig and persimmon respectively.

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