Made my second and third meads and looking for some help. My first and third mead were made using a frozen concentrate and they smell and tasted fine.

My second mead attempt was my first at using actual fruit, a strawberry mead, recipe below. It smells good but tasted like grain alcohol at bottling time. I know it's supposed to age, but will it taste sweeter and better with age? Will the grain alcohol taste go away and the strawberries come out?

Sanatize all equipment.
Add the honey to a sealable 1 gal glass jug.
Add 1 cup of water and all frozen strawberries to a pot to heat over medium-low.
Lightly mash with a potato masher when possible.
Heated 4 cups of water to pre-boiling.
Add the heated water to the honey.
Shake to combine.
Transfer the honey water mixture to the fermentation vessel.
Add the yeast nutrients.
Top up the honey water mixture to 1 gal with tap water.
Add the strawberries and yeast.
Stir to combine.
Ferment for 1 month @ 663⁰F .

3 lbs Frozen Strawberries
1 tps Yeast Nutrients
3 lbs Honey (local from Apple Orchard)
about 1 gal of water
1 pkg Lalvin 71B-1122 yeast