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    Hi I am planning my first mead and have a few questions before I start.

    I plan to making two 5L ~ 1 gallon batches.
    I first plan to do a sweet mead with 2.2KG of honey ~ 5LB
    then in two weeks if all is going well with the first, I plan to do a dry mead with about 1.2KG ~3LB

    My questions are regarding the yeast I have and what temperature to keep my demijohns at.
    My research into yeast types is probably my weakest area and I don't know why (maybe it was the use of the word super) but I bought Young's Super wine yeast compound before I looked into other yeasts.
    I can't find any information on tolerance for this yeast but the ingredient includes- Bentonite, Dried wine yeast, diammonium phospate, trace vitamins, trace minerals.

    Would this compound be acceptable to use and would I need to add nutrients, since it already contains nutrients, and would the 20-21c ~ 70F of my cupboard get to warm for my mead?
    I am considering maybe wrapping my demijohns with cold damp cloths to cool it down if needed and replacing regularly but I'm not sure if this will work.

    Thanks in advance and I'm happy for any suggestions.

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    Temperature depends on the yeast, but if you're not sure I would go with 16-17C. 21 and above you often start to have problems. Some people use a bucket or tub filled with cool water to control the temperature. If you can't find any info, I would try another yeast. Lalvin is a popular brand and there is a ton of information on them, including how much nutrients to use. Also, checkout Got Meads Newbee Guide.

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    You're going to struggle with that much honey in the sweet batch until you know more than you do right now. It requires a few different touches. I only use certain yeast and certain food sources because I can read what amounts of YAN they contain and how much each yeast strain needs to eat to stay happy. I would also suggest listening to the gotmead live podcast and start on 9/5/17. It will teach you all you need to know about using modern science to make the best meads possible.
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