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Thread: Mead got cloudy after taste test when cleared

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    Default Mead got cloudy after taste test when cleared

    Hello all,

    I posted a similar question in a different area before I realized I might have posted in the wrong place, so my apologies.

    I currently have 2 batches (1 gallon each) of JAOM that I made at the same time, following the traditional recipe. 3.5 pounds of honey, 1 orange, 25 raisins , Fleishers bread yeast, 1 cinnamon stick and a couple cloves. For the second batch, I replaced the whole orange with a little less than half a pineapple.

    After a couple of months both batches cleared. I pulled a sample from each using a turkey baster to taste test, and loved the results. I decided to bottle the next day after I picked up some more sanitizer. When I came back, both bottles where now cloudy the following day. In a slight panic, I thought I might have observed some slight bubbling, so I added a touch of nutrient and swirled both. Now it has been about 3 days, and both are slightly clearer, but no where near as clear as before.

    I am concerned that I might have had a contaminated turkey baster and the batches got infected. As of now, they don't smell bad or "vinegary". Would it be a good idea to rack to another bottle and then add campden to be safe, or should I give it more time. I have only made 3 batches before this, and the other batches all stayed clear unless I seriously disturbed the container.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I wouldn't add any Camden tabs. Did you stir up the lees? Adding food will certainly add some cloudiness. Just because a gravity hasn't moved for a few days or even months for that matter. It doesn't mean it won't restart. We here a lot of batches that sat for as much a 3 years start back up for seemingly no reason. I stabilize everything. Your just going to have to wait it out. Or fine it using some finning agents.
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    Ok, I will wait for a while. I didn't add any food, or do anything other than remove the air lock and take a sample with a turkey baster. Both samples were clear when I set them back on the counter and covered them, and were cloudy again when I went to bottle them the next day.

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