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Thread: BOMM melomel

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    Looking for some guidance

    I will be making a 5 gal BOMM following all standard protocol

    Im wondering whether it is possible to start a BOMM in a 5 gal primary bucket and subsequently rack into five 1 gal jugs (each with different fruit). Is this practically not recommended due to the important degassing and aerating and its risk of overflow? When would one even rack? Basically i'm wondering if its possible to make multiple BOMM melomels from a 5 gal?

    I hope my question is sensible. I know its recommended (at times) to add fruit on secondary when making melomel. I just don't know if this makes any sense for a BOMM and what the timing would be?

    thanks in advance for your knowledge

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    I've never done a BOMM but from what I understand you can do this.

    You asked about degassing and aerating. Did you mean in the 5 gallon primary bucket or in the five 1 gallon jugs? The main risk of overflow will be early in the primary fermentation. If you have 5 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket, then yes, you should worry about overflow. A 6 or 6.5 gallon is recommended. Once you rack the mead into 5 jugs, you won't have much room left to add fruit. There might still be some fermentation taking place with the new sugars added from the fruit (unless you stabilize with sulfite and sorbate). But at that point you don't need to worry much about overflow, and not at all about aerating.

    Have you considered modifying the recipe down to about 4 or 4.5 gallons, then you can split out to 5 jugs and have room for fruit?

    EDIT: With regards to timing, I would recommend keeping it in primary until fermentation is complete (it reads 1.000 or lower on your hydrometer) and then racking.
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    Sorry I wasn't specific. I will compensate for fruit volume addition either by bringing the initial volume down or for example I envision six 1 gal jugs to be sufficient for 5 gal + fruit.

    For flavour buildup, once 1st racking is complete after reaching 1.000 or lower, any recommendations for how long to keep fruit on until secondary racking for a BOMM.

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    I’m no expert, but it probably depends on the fruit. Some people say as little as 10 days. Some say several weeks. Too long and the fruit can start taking on a “vegetal” flavor. Probably check it every other day and see how it smells/tastes.
    Raisins are NOT nutrients for yeast... but french fries ARE!

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    Are you aiming for a sweet or dry mead?

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    At some point I expect you will stop fermenting all together in carboys and swith over to buckets. At that point this will then become a non issue.
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