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    Hello all --

    I just saw a posting by Wildoates' family (Jenn Oates) on her FB page that she recently passed away. Very sad news, she was an active member in the beginning years on GotMead, she will be missed.

    Her family posted this:

    Lo there do I see my father
    Lo there do I see my mother
    Lo there do I see my brothers and my sister
    Lo there do I see my people back to the beginning
    Lo they call to me and bid me take my place among them in the Halls of Valhalla,
    Where the brave will forever
    Do not cry for me for I am Home where I shall sing God’s praises for all of eternity.
    Dan McFeeley

    "Meon an phobail a thogail trid an chultur"
    (The people's spirit is raised through culture)

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    Thanks for posting it here, I wasn't sure how to bring it up... Rest in peace, Jenn. You will be missed by many.
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