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  1. Default Decided to give a batch a try.

    I think I just made 5 gallons of vinager.
    Recipe is from the book complete meadmaker.
    15 lbs honey
    4 gal water
    5 tsp. Ld carlson yeast nutrient
    2 1/2 tsp. Energizer ld carlson
    2 packets of lalvin 71b-1122 yeast
    Sg was 1.10 going into the fermenter

    Fermented good for first 10 days then slowed down to a stop today (13 days)
    Racked to carboy sg is 1.000 tastes kinda like vinegar to me. I’ve never tasted mead
    So I’m not sure.
    The 1.000 or sg of water is really got me worried.
    I also checked it with my proof/tralle it says 0% alcohol.
    Any help appreciated.

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    Well, it's supposed to finish fermenting at around 1.000, so why does that worry you?

    A dry mead will taste similar to a dry white wine or champagne (without the bubbles). And, if you used a generic honey, there will be nothing to give it any distinctive flavor.

    If it's only been 10 days, let it clear, then stabilize (potassium metabisulfite & Potassium sorbate) and then backsweeten with honey. You might want to take a glass of it, add honey till you like it, take a hydrometer measurement and then add the same proportional amount of honey to the whole batch.

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    Ok cool. So Iíve not messed up yet. Lol. The 1.000 sg had me worried because the
    Stuff i been making comes out a lot different. And my proof/tralles sinks way down. 😜😜
    Like I said this my first time making anything without boiling it off in the end.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Hi Jixxerbill , and welcome.
    The starting gravity - that is the density with all the sugars from the honey was 1.100 (gravity is written to three decimal places). And your gravity today is about 1.000 which means that almost all the sugar in the honey has been fermented and converted to CO2 and alcohol. Since alcohol is less dense than water (and water has a density of 1.000) then you would expect that the final density should drop BELOW 1.000. The CO2 (carbon dioxide) that is saturating the mead may help keep the hydrometer floating higher in the test cylinder but there is still some sugar remaining that by all accounts is fermentable and you can expect to see the hydrometer fall another few points.

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