4 1-gallon carboys
1 at 1.150- 1 at 1.155- d47 yeast
1 at 1.150- 1 at 1.145- 71b yeast
1/3 nutrients and energizer add at start up
mixed yeast in 1 cup water each and waited 30 mins then pitched- did not temper yeast(my bad) but must room temp

made yesterday at 8:00 am
shake 2 times yesterday
went down and swirled jugs today and the 71's came blasting out the bubbler top
d47s just a few bubbles
1---should I still add nutrients and energizer to 71's as afraid they will blow their tops if just a few swirls make them blow
2---hardly any bubbles on d47's unless I swirl them pretty hard-- temp in basement about 66
Do I just add nut and energizer and hope for best or do I add 71-b yeast to this 2 carboys also
3--When adding nutr and energizer do I mix in small amount of water and pour in or do I just spoon it in the top

thanks-1st time and excited about process