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  1. Default How much time should i leave the mead alone?

    It is my first time trying this and while doing research i've read from 2 weeks to 1 year.

    I have not done it yet, just in case there is something terribly wrong, so you can correct me before the disaster.
    My objective is to get soft, low alcohol content mead. I'll try to sweeten some of them with artificial sweeteners.

    The recipe will be six 0.5 liter bottles, everyone with a different proportion (I'd like to experiment)

    1- 0.1 kg honey
    2- 0.2 kg honey
    3- 0.1 kg honey + 0.05 kg sugar
    4- 0.1 kg honey + saccharine (before fermentation)
    4- 0.1 kg honey + saccharine (after fermentation)
    6- I don't know yet, probably the same as 1 (suggestions accepted)

    I'll be using bread yeast and i'll leave it in a dark place at around 15șC and I'll mix everything in the 0.5L water bottles and i'll use the balloon one way valve.

    Also I have another question: If I want it more sweet can I add sugar/honey right before consuming it, so the yeast do not have time to ferment it?

    I think that is all, thanks in advance for the help!
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