Rookie question:
First of all, say that I have made several batches of mead and read the books of Piazt and Schram. Apart from that, I have dug into many Facebook groups and this forum about the chemical stabilization of mead with potassium sorbate and metabisulfite.
Does anyone have a clear and proven protocol of the amounts to be used (by weight, not volume) of sorbate and metabisulfite depending on the mead ?. I have seen that there are sulphite calculators for wine that can be applied, but I don't know how the equivalent quantity of sorbate would be applied.
Currently, based on my reading (Dadux, this forum), I am using 0.27 g / l of potassium sorbate and 0.35 g / l of metabisulfite; I do not know if they are the correct doses but I have not had refermentation and I do not notice off flavors.
Thank you very much in advance and Greetings from Spain.