Hi everyone,

I am a homebrewer trying out mead making for the first time. Looking for some feedback on my first batch! My honey arrived a little early and I wasn't patient enough to wait for my GoFerm, fermaid O and fermaid K to arrive so I just moved forward standard yeast nutrient and DAP for my staggered additions.

Recipe and process:
22 lbs pumpkin honey
qs w/ water to 5.7 gallons (OG was 1.410)
Dissolved 12.5g yeast nutrient in warm water. Added 2 packets of 71B when water was 104F. Tempered with must 3x. Temp came down to 70F. Pitched into must which was ~74F, but I had a cool water bath ready. Within 1 hour temp was 63F.

Staggered nutrients: 4.3g yeast nutrient at 24hrs. I was leaving town at the 48 hour mark so I added 72 hr addition with my 48 hr addition and added 9g yeast nutrient and 3.7g DAP at 48 hrs.

I degassed every 12 hours except for a few days (day 3-5 since I was out of town)

I am currently day 7 and will add some more yeast nutrient and DAP (4.8g and 3.7g) and might take a gravity today or wait until tomorrow.

I was noticing some slightly cidery aroma coming off the must yesterday. Not sure if this is normal, or what typical aromas everyone else notices with 71B during fermentation.