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Thread: Cherry Melomel Questions

  1. Default Cherry Melomel Questions

    Cherry Melomel

    Making 2 gallons

    9 lbs tart frozen cherries pitted
    7 lbs honey---- shooting for 1.120 SG
    1/2 tsp Pectic Enzyme
    2 Campden Tablets
    GoFerm Protect 6.25 Grams --Added to yeast
    1 pkt 71b yeast
    Fermaid K 3/4 teaspoon (add 1/4 at pitch other 2 1/4s later

    5 gallon bucket
    Add 2 1/4 gallons water and honey and 2 campden tablets to volume- mix well
    add frozen cherries in mesh bag to and mush up well
    let set 24 hrs with an addition of 1/2 tsp of pectic enzyme at 12 hr break

    normal yeast protocol with go ferm protect and then temper yeast to must

    add 1/4 teaspoon fermaid K and agitate must while holding bag out of must
    pitch yeast and cover with towel
    ferment with regular punching down of fruit bag daily basis for 5-7 days
    adding another 1/4 teaspoon fermaid k somewhere in there

    pull fruit bag and rack off into 1 gallon carboys add 1/8 teaspoon fermaid k to each carboy
    then I am not sure how to procede from there

    do I just rack off again when ferment is complete and let clear 4-6 weeks
    any advice on changes or procedure and final steps and timing would be great

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    I never add food until I see proof that the yeast have moved out of the lag phase. This way I'm not feeding other organisms in the must.
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    The goferm should be all the nutrients you'll need for the first 24 hours.

    DAP can be toxic to yeast in the early stage. Fermaid K has DAP. The thinking is now that you want wait 24 hours, after yeast pitch, before making your first nutrient addition.

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