Hope this is the right place to ask these questions. Bray has been fantastic answering my initial questions, but I always do like to use the forums when an immediate answer isn't needed so others can share in the info.

So I've started my first 4 batch's of Mead. I made JOAM followed to the letter. A 5 gallon BOMM, a 1 gallon Mental BOMM and a 1 gallon Cyser BOMM.

So if 1 smack pack of 1388 is used for a gallon. OR I can make the 2000ml starter for a 5 gallon. Can I make a 2000ml starter and split it 5 ways to make 5 1 gallon batches of separate recipes? Seems like a cost effective way to cut costs on the Smack Packs.

How easy/difficult is it take some of simpler recipes for say one of the non-BOMM melomels and make it as a BOMM style melomel.

Not saying I'm going to rush out and do any of this tomorrow. I'm just really enjoying everything I'm learning and I like to get answers as I think about things.


I moved this question from the Patron section because I realized that Bray can't see it.