Hopefully this is the correct area. My goal is a sweet mead, plan on a 5 gal batch and might try to add fruit flavor to part of it in secondary but that is TBD. My plan for recipe goes like this

4 gal spring water
18.4lbs of honey (or until 1st is around 1.129)
Lavlin D47 yeast (4 packs)

I plan to rehydrate yeast in spring water, then pitch into well agitated must when temperatures are within 10 degrees of each other. I used a mead calculator and it should put the final gravity around 1.025 if all goes well.
I HAVE yeast nutrient and energizer but they are LD CARLSON brand from friar tucks and I'm not sure how to use them in comparison to the sna schedule I see using fermaid k and DAP. If anyone has experience with this brand please feel free to chime in otherwise I figure the recommended dose of each split into 4 increments every 24hrs would be close? The other question would be I read D47 has a short lag phase, should I add nutrients before the 24hr mark in that case? Hopefully this isn't too hard to follow or out of format. Thank you in advance for any help/recomendations.