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    Default Infected Traditional???

    Hey folks!
    I started a 6 1 gallon (glass carboys) batches Dec 2017 to start off my mead making adventures. So far, I'm sort of pleased with how 2 have turned out after bottling 4 of them. The other 2 are likely drinkable. I have/had 2 Trads left to bottle this month after bulk aging. Before I get to the Trads...
    I did a ton of studying (including Squatchy's pod casts, which doesn't mean I necessarily understood those exactly as he intended), writing down steps, etc., before even fermenting anything. I started all yeast with goferm, and used ferm o for nutrients at TOSNA standards. All fermentated well and appeared to have no issues whatsoever. I did my best to keep things clean (used star-san on everything I touched and used in the process). The only likely question mark is sulfites. I didn't want to spend the funds on an expensive tester, so I did a bit of guessing based on my ph levels and a sulfite calculator, and added a bit more than what was recommended.
    First Trad used DV10 yeast:
    Seemed to clear pretty well after a few months, and all looked/smelled/tasted OK with ABV about 15.5. I racked a week after ferment completed, at 6 weeks, and 6 months - each time adding K-Meta and barely back-sweetened at 6 months (used P-sorb too).
    All seemed well until...
    I cold crashed to bottle, and the must looked like it had particles suspended in it (looked very clear before this). I took a LED flashlight to it from the opposite side and could see nearly transparent, white-ish, cloud that looked like it had 'legs'. I think only bacteria and mold forms that way, correct? Smell didn't seem bad (I don't know what sherry smells like, but this didn't smell 'bad'). I got frustrated and dumped it before thinking of taking a pic or waiting to hear back from anyone here (doh!!!!). I guess I'm looking for confirmation that this was infected. I hate that I tossed it, but at least I'm doing small batches right now.
    Second Trad used K1V yeast:
    Exactly the same as the first Trad. The difference here is this must does not seem to want to clear at all. I haven't tried clearing agents. Looks like it may be infected as well based on what I see, but hard to confirm since it's so cloudy.
    Apparently, I can't the forum doesn't allow any size pics that would allow for any decent detail for me to share here - or I can't figure out how to save the pic in a 500 byte or less size with any detail.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
    Be Blessed!

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    It was clear prior to cold crashing? Chill haze? Might try a clarifyier. What can survive 15% alcohol, sulfates, and sorbic acid? It would have to be a pretty robust microorganism.

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    Thanks edaskew! The first Trad was clear enough to see my hand through the other side before chilling. The second has always been a bit cloudy through the whole process. Only difference as best as I could try, is DV10 in the 1st, and K1V in the 2nd.
    Like you, I'm a bit surprised to see any possible issue, but it's my first few batches, so...

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