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    So to start out Iíve been trying to dial in session mead recipes.. been playing with different yeasts and different alcahol percentages.. throwing in keg an carbonating.. now Iím onto the flavouring stage.. for sweetening Iíve been taking 300 ml from the gallon batch an slightly warming in a sauce pan and disolving honey.. Iím really going for a meajito, Iíve made mint extract but it just donít seem to work that well, seems like doesnít matter how much I put in doesnít really have any effect. Iíve tried making my must with mint leaves making a mint tea an before fermenting it has a very strong mint taste an tastes awesome but once done fermenting itís completely gone.. Iíve also tried adding the bruised leaves after cold crashing which probably worked the best..anyways just wondering if anyone has any tips for me to try Iím open to suggestions!

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    Mint is not something I tend to use so you may want to take what I am about to say with a grain or two of salt but I find when I want to extract flavor from herbs or spices using the alcohol to force the extraction works better than using the water in the must (and the relative slow build up of alcohol with all that CO2 in solution). That means adding herbs and spices to the secondary and allowing the laves and sticks or seeds to steep for a few weeks. The effect is perhaps less intense than steeping those herbs in vodka and then adding the flavored vodka (AKA extract) into the mead and the flavor tends to stay fixed unlike the flavors that might start off strong in the primary only to be blown off with the CO2 as fermentation progresses. BUT, as I say, I have no experience with mint though I would not expect mint to be an outlier.

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