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    The current literature recommends aerating your wine prior to consumption. In theory the aeration enhances the flavor. I read where one fellow poured the wine into a blender and blended it for a minute or so.

    So I elected to try the same process I use for beer wort – use an aquarium pump and an air stone in the bottle. Easy, peasy – what could go wrong?

    Fresh bottle just opened and dropped the air stone into the wine and started the pump.

    After several minutes the wine started bubbling out of the bottle. Time for a bowl under the bottle. Several more minutes and my wife is laughing and scratching as the wine kept coming out of the bottle. And I was glad we did not have guests.

    The question is regarding the process – was my aeration thinking incorrect?

    Anyone care to offer opinions or knowledge?

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    I've heard of letting the wine breathe, but I've never heard of aerating it (as in with an O2 stone, or actually stirring it), or blending it for that matter. Typically this is done with red wines by using a decanter, or pouring it in a glass and letting it rest for a few minutes before drinking.

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    I'm not sure if you're just messing with us or not. If so, this is pretty funny. If this is for real, then you've probably realized that this is overkill. You do not need to aerate with an air stone. But hey, if that's how you like it then you do you. But I wouldn't do it while you have guests over...
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    Trust me, this was a serious inquiry.

    An airstone and small aquarium pump cost less than $10. Much easier to plop the airstone in the bottle than decanting and pourting the wine from vessel to vessel.

    My thought was aeration. What puzzles me is why the wine started to bubble out of the bottle. I thought it would just burble a bunch in the bottle as air was pushed through the wine.

    I think the idea is sound but the implementation had issues.

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    Oxygen is an enemy of the wine at this time, Especially the way you're ruining it like that. What it wants to do is to be allowed to breathe for a little while. If you pour your bottle into a wine decanter and let it open up for a half hour or so, you will be good as it can be. The narrator type pouring device does a quick method of this so you can have something compatible right out of the bottle. But you would never find someone who knows wine even uses the pour method. Your method is just totally wrecking the wine.
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    You can get some benefit to aeration with a very young wine, but even then it should gentle. pouring into a decanter, maybe with a bubbler device, does help. With older wines if you decant it is just to get them off of the sediment, and you do it with as little aeration as possible.

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    Well, I was not going to give up. So, I removed the airstone and had the small tube from the aquarium pump to the bottle with a small weight on the end. And I let it pump and stopped after about 5 minutes. Bubbles came through the wine but no foam. The wine seemed better than if I had not ‘force decanted’ it with the air pump.

    Thanks to those who responded.

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